Simultaan symposium 2017

09u00 WORKSHOP 1 – Dr. Tom Lootens

Tips en tricks bij klinisch onderzoek om efficiënter door te verwijzen als podoloog.

Preoperatieve en postoperatieve opvolging bij enkele vaak voorkomende voet- en enkelaandoeningen vanuit orthopedisch chirurgisch standpunt

10u30 Pauze
11u00 WORKSHOP 2 – Mr. Simon Bartold

Controversies in sports medicine – when to use new techniques and technology, and, when not to!

It seems nearly every day I receive an email telling me that extra corporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT) is the answer to all my treatment prayers for all conditions and that I should immediately go out and buy a machine.

But how realistic is this, and what about other modalities like Low Level Laser (LLL), Ultrasound and many others?

12u30 Lunchpauze
13u30 WORKSHOP 3 – Mr. Simon Bartold

What is the evidence for other therapies like platelet rich plasma infiltration, Autologous blood, prolotherapy, even acupuncture. This lecture will take a dispassionate look at the current evidence, and, the answers might surprise.

15u00 Koffiepauze + einde workshops